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                       "5D" LEVEL STATISTICS


   Phase Matrix 22 18 4 0 36 104 40 Final
   SJ Blues 22 16 5 1 33 75 45  
   Code Blue 2 21 11 8 2 24 68 62  
   Chiefs 22 10 10 2 22 70 72  
   Cereal Killers 22 9 10 3 21 63 75  
   K-Wings 21 10 11 0 20 101 69  
   Albondigas 22 8 12 2 18 60 60  
   Xilinx  22 0 22 0 0 42 156  
   Updated: 3/18/2007                
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    Mike Garrens 30  Goalie
    Kevin Vaughan 35  Goalie
    Mark Espinosa (C) 63  Defense
    Rus Orlandos (A) 10  Defense
    Sean O'Connell 3  Defense
    Craig Takeuchi 00  Defense
    Mark Hary (A) 44  Offense
    Kit Slankauskas 25  Defense
    John Tran  27  Offense
    Gil Harrison 29  Defense
    Chris Cardinal 7  Offense
    Vlad Adam  24  Offense
    Gabe Gomez  18  Defense
    Alex Miller 89  Offense
    Tim Casson 22  Offense
    Kevin Nichols 33  Offense
    Joey Noel 4  Offense
    Gregg Witkin 77  Offense
    Randy Ayento 11  Offense
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Game Date Time Rink League Level Away Goals Home Goals Type Goalie
  21585  Sat Sep 9   8:30 PM   North  LIAHL Senior 5D  Chiefs 4  Phase Matrix  4  Preseason 1  Garrens
  21589  Sat Sep 16   9:15 PM   South LIAHL Senior 5D  SJ Blues  4  Phase Matrix  1  Preseason 2  Garrens
  21592  Sun Sep 24   5:45 PM   East LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix  2  Albondigas 1  Game 1  Garrens
  21599  Sun Oct 1   8:30 PM   East LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix   3  Code Blue 2 4  Game 2  Garrens
  21948  Sun Oct 8   6:00 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  Chiefs 1  Phase Matrix  4  Game 3  Garrens
  22504  Sat Oct 14   11:15 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix   5  Xilinx 3  Game 4  Judy
  22509  Sun Oct 22   5:15 PM   South LIAHL Senior 5D  Cereal Killers 1  Phase Matrix  4  Game 5  Vaughan
  22511  Sun Oct 29   8:00 PM   South LIAHL Senior 5D  SJ Blues   4  Phase Matrix  2  Game 6  Vaughan
  22516  Sat Nov 4   10:30 PM   East LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix   1  K-Wings (Forfeit) F  Game 7  Garrens
  22519  Sun Nov 12   6:15 PM   South LIAHL Senior 5D  SJ Blues   5  Phase Matrix  3  Game 8  Garrens
  22523  Sun Nov 19   10:30 PM   South LIAHL Senior 5D  Chiefs 1  Phase Matrix  3  Game 9  Garrens
  22526  Sun Dec 3   4:30 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix   2  Albondigas 3  Game 10  Garrens
  22533  Wed Dec 6   11:00 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  Code Blue 2 1  Phase Matrix  4  Game 11  Garrens
  22537  Wed Dec 20   7:45 PM   North LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix   3  K-Wings  2  Game 12  Vaughan
  22541  Sun Jan 7   10:30 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix  10  Xilinx 3  Game 13  Vaughan
  22545  Sun Jan 21   10:15 PM   South LIAHL Senior 5D  Cereal Killers 2  Phase Matrix  8  Game 14  Garrens
  22548  Sun Jan 28   7:30 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix 9  Xilinx 3  Game 15  Garrens
  22551  Sun Feb 4   9:00 PM   North LIAHL Senior 5D  Chiefs 1  Phase Matrix  6  Game 16  Garrens
  22555  Mon Feb 12   9:45 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  SJ Blues   0  Phase Matrix  6  Game 17  Vaughan
  22561*  Sun Feb 18   10:45 PM   East LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix  5  Code Blue 2 2  Game 18  Garrens 
  22562  Sun Feb 25   4:15 PM   South LIAHL Senior 5D  Albondigas 1  Phase Matrix  4  Game 19  Vaughan
  22569  Sat Mar 3   11:15 PM   North LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix  4  Cereal Killers 1  Game 20  Garrens 
  22573  Sun Mar 11   5:00 PM   North LIAHL Senior 5D  Phase Matrix 5  K-Wings 0  Game 21  Vaughan
  22576  Sun Mar 18   9:00 PM   Centre LIAHL Senior 5D  Xilinx 2  Phase Matrix  11  Game 22  Vaughan
  24890  Sun Apr 1  7:15 PM  South LIAHL Senior 5D  Chiefs 0  Phase Matrix 3  Playoff 1  Vaughan
  24892  Sat Apr 7  5:30 PM  North LIAHL Senior 5D  SJ Blues 2  Phase Matrix 6  Championship  Vaughan

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  • The 2006 - 2007 Winter season comes to and end. Phase Matrix prevails in the final championship round.
  • 2006 - 2007 Winter season roster has been finalized!

  • Welcome Gabe Gomez, John Tran, Kit Slankauskas, Alex Miller, Chris Cardinal, and Joey Noel to the Phase Matrix brotherhood!


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Game: Championship

Date: 7 April 2007

Time: 7:15 PM

Rink: North

Opponent: SJ Blues

Phase Matrix Wins 2007 Winter Season Playoff Championship!

Phase Matrix won the 2007 Winter Season Playoff Championship by beating the SJ Blues 6-2. First, our hats are off to the SJ Blues for a good season and a well played Championship game. After a pre-game speech by San Jose Sharks radio Play-by-Play man Dan Rusanowsky, Phase Matrix came out and took it to the SJ Blues. 

Phase Matrix took a 2-0 lead on goals by Vlad Adam (who finished with a Hat Trick and 4 total points). SJ Blues scored to bring it to 2-1 but Vlad’s third goal mid-way thru the second period proved to be the game winner. Kevin Nichols (2 goals) and Alex Miller (1 goal) closed out the scoring for Phase Matrix while the SJ Blues would add one more for a final score of 6-2. 

"The difference in this game was Phase Matrix’s depth".

Offensively each line contributed but not necessarily in their normal fashion. Due to playing short a good deal of the time because of penalties, especially in the 3rd period, and some line matching by SJ Blues, PM’s first line of Joey Noel, Randy Ayento and John Tran did not have their normal offensive output. However they played well and fought off the SJ Blues power play opportunities. The second line of Vlad Adam, Kevin Nichols and Mark Harry provided the offense with 5 goals and the third line of Alex Miller, Tim Casson and Chris Cardinal added a goal and proved effective with their grinding style of play.

An additional note from the Captain:

An honorable mention to the "Killer" PM defense in this game. Throughout this season, the defense has been a key component in each win, and has been a consistent strength for the team. This truly came through in this championship game. We held the blue line, and created scoring opportunities for our forwards. "I'm very proud of the way this team has come together, and built on the trust of each player". Kit, Sean, Gabe and Espi and our outstanding star goalie, Kevin Vaughan, held things together until the Calvary arrived. Gil, Craig and Gabe Ng, hot off of their battle with the Renegades championship game, showed up to help the "D" finish things off.



Game: Playoff Semi-Final

Date: 1 April 2007

Time: 7:15 PM

Rink: South

Opponent: Chiefs

  With a 3-0 victory over the Chiefs Phase Matrix advanced into the Finals where we will face the SJ Blues. A well played game by both teams. The tipping point was Phase Matrix’s lock down defense that the Chiefs could not solve. Goals by Jon Tran, Kevin Nichols (deflection of a booming Craig Takeuchi slap shot) and Chris Cardinal provided the offense. The shutout was earned by Kevin Vaughn and a mystery goal keeper that Mark Harry grabbed from another rink until Kevin Vaughan arrived.

Next up: SJ Blues

  This is what  a championship game should be, #1 vs. #2. The SJ Blues made that happen with a 4-2 victory over Code Blue 2. The season series between SJ Blues and PM ended 2 games to 1 in favor of the SJ Blues, however in those three games PM outscored SJ Blues 11 to 9 and also had a shutout. The SJ Blues are a team that plays clean and skates hard. Keys for this game will be playing position, steady defense and taking advantage and making all of our offensive opportunities count. Enjoy the win against the Chiefs but forget about it by Saturday. The opportunity to win a championship does not present itself too often and we have worked to hard this season not to win this one. Everyone come ready and let’s finish this off right!

 Saturday April 7th, 5:30 PM

North rink



Game: 12

Date: 20 December, 2006

Time: 745 PM

Rink: North

Opponent: K-Wings

This was a very, very good win! You never know what or who the K-Wings will come out with. Last time we faced them they did not have enough skaters and were forced to forfeit. Last night they had a full bench and were loaded. PM went up 2-0 backed by Kevin Vaughn in net who made several key saves to keep the K-wings off the board. Despite the K-Wings tying up the game the PM offense was able to apply enough offense to put it away in the final moments on a goal by John Tran. The physical play towards the end of the game showed the frustration of the K-Wings players, something we’ll have to be mentally (watch out for retaliation calls) and physically prepared for in the future for teams that bring out players who maybe belong in higher divisions. 

Continue to work on keeping shifts short. As “The Ownership” has said we need wins to keep our sponsorship if in critical you are not called on its not a knock against you and your time will come. Not everyone can be on the ice at once and complaining about it won’t help the situation or improve your chances. Just be prepared for when you are called on. To steal a quote from the movie Miracle: “The name on the front of the jersey is a hell of a lot more important than the one on the back.” 

Have a good and safe Holiday Season! 

Next up:  Sun Jan 7, 10:30 PM, Logitech Center, Xilinx 

Last game: PM 5 – Xilinx 1

Scouting Report: Do not get lulled by Xilinx’s record. They come out and skate hard and seem to be just a couple steps away from putting everything together.


Game: 14

Date: 21 January, 2007

Time: 1015 PM

Rink: South

Opponent: Cereal Killers

Even with a two week break, five regulars out and a shorter than usual bench there was no drop off in play as PM took it to the Cereal Killers 8-2. The offensive explosion was fueled by Joey Noel who netted a hat trick, John Tran with three assists and five other players scoring in an all around solid effort. Tim, Chris and Alex did a good job of setting the tone for PM’s game on the first shift and the offense kicked in to ensure this one was never really in doubt and ensured that Mike “The Stoner” Garrens had a successful return after a 6 week layoff. This was a pivotal swing game as the Cereal Killers could have climbed to within two points of PM in the standings. PM is now 6 points up on the Cereal Killers and 5 points behind first place SJ Blues putting us in a “comfortable” second spot.

Next up: Sun Jan 28, 7:30 PM, Logitech Center, Xilinx

Last game: PM 10 – Xilinx 3

Scouting Report: After the last game against Xilinx be prepared for their best effort. Continue to work on what has been making us successful, focus, short shifts and staying out of the penalty box.


Game: 15

 Date: 28 January, 2007

 Time: 730 PM

 Rink: Center

 Opponent: Xilinx

With Mahal watching from the bench, Phase Matrix may have delivered its most balanced effort of the year and for the third consecutive game routed the opponent. Stats are not posted and I don’t have a copy of the score sheet but believe that each line scored three goals. Against any opponent that is an incredible job. We all got a bit of a scare when Randy “I skate real fast” Ayento broke lose on a break away slammed into the goal post after scoring. Fortunately he was able to come back and play. Tim, Alex and Chris continued on their tear and doing the best impersonation of the “Grind Line” that Logitech has seen to date! And John, Mark and Greg were also a force. Penalties were a bit of a problem for a short time but we pulled out of that before Xilinx could do any real damage.

The lines are all playing very well together right now and its a good thing because the “soft spot” in our schedule is over. Over the next few games we’ll need that same level of effort but may not end up with the goals we have been getting. Stick with it and don’t get frustrated. Watch penalties and keep aware of what is happening on the ice when you are on the bench. While on the bench the “D” in que are nearest our blue line and the “O” in que are nearest the center ice line. Keeping the bench right helps ensure that our line changes are clean. It’s a small detail but one that can make a big difference.

Next up: Sun February 4th, 9:00 PM, Logitech Center, Chiefs

Last game: PM 3 – Chiefs 1

Scouting Report: Get ready! The Chiefs are always a worthy opponent and we’ll need another good game if we expect to win.


Game: 17

Date: 12 February, 2007

 Time: 945 PM

Rink: Center

Opponent: SJ Blues

A week after downing the Chiefs 6-1 in a hard fought, physical contest, Phase Matrix was primed to take on the 1st  place SJ Blues. The SJ Blues have been dominating the division with only 1 loss and 1 tie before last night’s game. Despite the outstanding play of the SJ Blues goaltender, Phase Matrix skated to a 6-0 victory to close within 3 points of the 1st place Blues. Vlad Adam lead the way with a hat trick. Mark Harry made his return to the line up with three assists, while a solid defense limited the number of shots goaltender Kevin Vaughn would face. Vaughn made the big saves he needed to, and earned the elusive shutout. Even with all that, the most determined effort of the night was turned in by Randy Ayento. Ayento fought through playing on an injured leg, scoring two goals and creating several other scoring chances. With the end of the regular season in sight, we find ourselves in a pretty solid position. With ten points left to grab, we are three behind the SJ Blues for 1st place. Our schedule sets up nicely for us, and although there are no automatic wins in this division, the games we have left are manageable if we continue to do and improve on what has made us successful so far. With a little help, and hard fought determination, we could finish in 1st place. It’s an outside shot, but one we still have as long as we continue to care of our business like we know we can.

Next up: Sun February 18th, 1045 PM, Logitech East, Code Blue 2

Last game: PM 4 – Code Blue 2 - 1

Scouting Report: Code Blue 2 always shows up ready to play and they are in 3rd place, within striking distance of us. In a lot of ways this game is as important as last night’s against the SJ Blues. Come ready!


Game 18

Date: 18 February, 2007

Time: 1045 PM

Rink: East

Opponent: Code Blue 2

In a poorly officiated and penalty filled event, Phase Matrix prevailed 5-2 over Code Blue 2 and secured at least a 2nd place finish for the regular season. Randy Ayento had three points and a Chris Slankauskas netted a shorthanded goal at 12 minutes of the first period. The win did not come without a price as Joey Noel received a game suspension.


Game 19

Date: 25 February, 2007

Time: 4:15 PM

Rink: South

Opponent: Albondigas

Phase Matrix and Albondigas played a tight scoreless first period, and this one looked like it might end 0-0, until a three goal outburst by Phase Matrix late in the 2nd period. It started out with a deflection of a Craig Takeuchi slap shot, followed by Greg Witkin knocking one in for his 2nd goal in as many games, and Alex Miller closed out the period with a goal at 1:441. After Miller’s goal, PM quickly changed lines to keep fresh legs and the pressure on, and it looked like John Tran was in alone with a chance to put this one away. However, he was brought down with a trip that went uncalled. The third period saw one more PM goal, and a goal by Albondigas with 50 seconds left to spoil the shutout. In the 3rd period being down 3-0 Albondigas, choose to pick up the physical play and PM answered the call. In the 3rd, each team called for 10 penalties (including a 3 game suspension for PM’s Cardinal and Albondigas’s Tevis). As teams resort to physical play when they are down we have to do a better job of keeping our emotions under control. I’m not saying that in every instance we should turn the other cheek, just pick your place and time a little more discretely. Penalties are a part of the game and there are no problems with those incurred as part of the game. What we have to cut down on are the penalties that happen after the play or for no good reason. It sounds cliché but we have all heard when the initial infraction is missed the Ref will catch the retaliation.

In other developments, it was reported (not on the web site yet) that the SJ Blues were defeated by the K-Wings Sunday night. With three games to go, PM is one point out of first place. If we win our last 3 remaining games, and the SJ Blues make one more mistake, we can still finish in first place!


Game 20

Date: 3 March, 2007

Time: 11:15 PM

Rink: North Rink

Opponent: Cereal Killers

With a 4-1 victory over the Cereal Killers, Phase Matrix has taken sole possession of first place! Phase Matrix took the season series from the Cereal Killers three games to zero which feels pretty good after the Cereal Killers dashed Phase Matrix’s playoff hopes in a shootout, ending our last summer session. In this game, it did not take Joey Noel long to rebound from missing the last game as he netted the first goal. Gabe Ng, who moved up to forward for this game, also made his presence felt with goal and several other opportunities including one that rang off the cross bar that could be heard throughout the building! Possession of first place may be temporary as the 2nd place SJ Blues have a game in hand and plays Code Blue 2 Monday night. From a quick review of the web site, while the SJ Blues have not lost to Code Blue 2 yet this season, their games have been tight contests. Lets go Code Blue 2!

Next up for Phase Matrix are the K-Wings. This is a team that is currently sitting in the middle of the pack but don’t let that fool you. A review of the Player Stats for the division shows five (5) K-Wings players in the top 16 for points. This is a “very talented” group. There is also a very real possibility that we could see these guys in the playoffs so come ready, you know they will. We’ll need to skate hard and control the play as much as we can to keep the puck away from their offensive playmakers. The last game was a tight 3-2 Phase Matrix win. We’ll need that same type of effort.


Game 21

Date: 11 March 2007

Time: 5:00 PM

Rink: North

Opponent: K-Wings

Phase Matrix continues to hold a first place spot with a 5-0 win over the K-Wings. Kevin Vaughan made several key saves to earn the shutout, and the offense put up three first period goals and never looked back. With the SJ Blues downing Xilinx by a score of 5-2, we find ourselves in control of our own destiny this season. It all comes down to next Sunday’s 9:00 PM game against Xilinx. Come ready for a dog fight. While Xilinx has not won a game this season, I can’t imagine any team lying down and it could give them some satisfaction to play the spoiler for Phase Matrix. It’s our job not to let that happen. Let’s be prepared to give our best effort and continue to do the things that have made us successful so far. According to the web site playoff brackets we’ve “earned” a bye the first week of the playoffs. It was mentioned that Gil may try to get a practice set up for the week we’ll be off. If we do get a practice set up make it if you can. This has been a pretty amazing season for Phase Matrix, Espi brought in a bunch of new players and we said goodbye to some. We’ve come together as a team fairly quickly and gotten the breaks just when we’ve needed them. Regardless of the playoffs a win against Xilinx and a first place finish will mark this as one of the best Phase Matrix teams yet!



Game: 22

Date: 18 March 2007

Time: 9:00 PM

Rink: Center

Opponent: Xilinx

Phase Matrix capped off the season with a 1st place finish by putting away Xilinx 11-2 in the last regular season game. This one played out just about how most of us thought it would with Xilinx playing tough at first but after Kit Slankauskas’ goal midway thru the first period and John Tran’s back to back goals a minute apart with under two minutes left to go in the first, Xilinx simply could not keep up. This win capped off a 12 game winning streak and earned Phase Matrix a first place finish in a season in which just a few weeks ago looked like we’d be locked into 2nd place. We’ve went through our “gut check” time and this should prepare us well for the playoffs.

Next up: Playoffs (winner of the 4th & 5th seeds. Teams can change based on K-Wings/Code Blue 2 game Monday the 19th.) Sunday April 1st, 7:15 PM


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